FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent is a proprietary, nonliposomal, low toxicity formulation designed for high efficiency delivery of DNA into a broad range of cell lines. The use of FuGENE® HD does not require culture medium change or serum removal during transfection experiment. FuGENE® HD/DNA complex can be formed in different widely used cell culture media, buffers, or water. FuGENE® HD effectively transfects cells growing in chemically define media and does not contain any components derived from human or animal sources

Cancer Research

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Protein Expression

Stem Cell Transfection

Cellular Analysis

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Primary Cell Transfection

Virus Production

The 11 Advantages of FuGENE® HD

1.) FuGENE® HD’s unique design and composition combined with a simple, fast, user friendly transfection protocol leads to consistent highly reproducible performance, excellent for high throughput application and target validation

2.) FuGENE® HD is stable, even at room temperature

3.) FuGENE® HD is filtered through 0.1 µm filter to eliminate the possibility of viral, mycoplasmal or bacterial contamination

4.) FuGENE® HD has no ingredients derived from animals or humans, eliminating multiple regulatory restrictions, reporting requirements and ethical issues

5.) FuGENE® HD enables excellent transfection and expression in multiple cell lines: adhesion and suspension, mammalian and insect, primary cells[9], and established cell lines, including previously very difficult to transfect human cancer cell lines [22]

6.) FuGENE® HD has a low level of cytotoxicity; critical for cellular analysis, protein and virus manufacturing as well as downstream processing and purification [8] [24]

7.) FuGENE® HD, unlike any other reagent on the market, performs very well in the presence of up to 100% serum. Serum interaction is one of the main obstacles for gene therapy research, in vivo [32] delivery and clinical studies

8.) FuGENE® HD works equally well with both supercoiled and linearized DNA, excellent for creation of stable cell lines [30]

FuGENE®HD has ability to perform well even with smaller linear constructs. Enables the researcher to skip plasmid manufacturing and use PCR cassettes and synthetic genes for direct intracellular generation of siRNA and proteins [7]

9.) FuGENE® HD complexes demonstrate extremely low immunogenicity and do not induce interferon response. This makes FuGENE®HD uniquely suited for macrophage research, immunology and apoptosis study [28]

10.) FuGENE® HD enables superior stable and transient transfection and expression in stem cells with no observed cytotoxicity. FuGENE®HD also does not induce their differentiation [11] [30]

11.) FuGENE® HD is cost efficient compared to the leading competitor which requires twice as much DNA and reagent for similar transfection. FuGENE®HD’s simple and fast protocol combined with consistently high performance minimizes optimization requirements saving time and money